The Scott Story

Time-tested craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology. This is a great way to describe the boats built by Christopher ‘Chicken’ Scott and his team at Calypso Boats, in Trinidad. There’s no doubt about the popularity of Scott’s Pirogue. You’ll see them on nearly every Caribbean island at work as sport fishing charters, ferries, dive boats and pleasure craft.

The art of boatbuilding is a time-honored tradition in Trinidad & Tobago. The creation of the twin island country’s signature Pirogue, crafted from a lap-strake construction process over a century old and started when vessels were made out of wood rather than fiberglass, is a special talent that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s no surprise that Scott learned all of his marine manufacturing skills from his father, Dennis Scott.

“My dad was trained as an aeronautical engineer,” says Scott. “He loved to fish and started building boats under our house. I began working with him full-time at the age of 15. He taught me everything.” 

“The Pirogues are displacement boats that provide a flat dry ride,” Scott explains. “They are great all-purpose boats. Our 34-footer can easily go from 12-foot seas into an area with only 20 inches of water.”

The Pirogue is a traditional Caribbean-style fishing design recognizable for its sharp 60-degree bow and raised sheer forward combined with a moderate V that has about a ten degree deadrise at the transom. Fully reversed chines add stability and keep spray channeled downward.

Scott’s operation at Calypso Marine is the antithesis of a big factory that spits out cookie-cutter production boats. The emphasis at his operation off Chaguaramas’ Western Main Road is one-at-a-time custom construction updated to today's 100% composite construction. Scott oversees every aspect of the manufacturing process and insures that every vessel adheres to the company's level of quality and finish.

“I have twelve team members that have worked with me for more than 20 years,” says Scott. We hand lay all the fiberglass and we don’t use spray on resin or chopper guns. Even though I’m the owner, I am still on the factory floor overseeing every aspect of the manufacturing process and in fact still spray gel coat, roll the fiberglass and cut some of the composites myself.”

Scott installs equipment as per the owner’s request such as hi-tech electronics, full auto-pilot and twin-screen radar once the exterior and interior are complete. A Calypso 34 will take on average four to six weeks to complete. The advantage of his location on the northwest coast of Trinidad is the ability to easily trial new vessels in calm bay waters as well as the rougher Caribbean Sea to the north and Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Next up, Chris has partnered with Carlos Prio of Panga Fishing Boats fame in order to bring the legendary Calypso 34 boat to the US market. Prio has extensive experience in delivering consistant quality and value to the US marine market. Today you can see and touch the Calypso 34 in Miami, Florida and spec out your boat. 

“Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll build it,” says Scott. “What makes me happy is seeing the finished product and my customer’s happy.”