May 17, 2022 1 min read

Reinvented for 2022 the incredibly successful Calypso23cx and Calypso28cx "Caribbeans" have started shipping to stocking dealers in the US and the Caribbean. After initially fulfilling orders to individual consumers, Calypso Boats starts shipping the all new center console models with integrated fuel cells to dealers who have been eagerly anticipating these flats/bay/reef Caribbean style boats for introduction into their markets. Developed from the legendary 50 year old designed that has sold into commercial markets in the thousands with many still in service today, Calypso took it's tried and true hull designs and repurposed them for the sports fisherman of today with simple center console designs that optimize deck space, cast net space and sight/fly casting space. Furthermore, in today's trend of "more is more" Calypso prides itself in the "less is more" school of boat ownership and use. You can power a Calypso23 with a single 60hp Suzuki engine and not have to top off the 28 gal fuel cell for a week. The Calypso23 and 28 are available in a stripped down "C" tiller models as well as the center console "CX" models. Starting at $20,995.